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New Year's Eve Party (12/31/08)

Party like it's twenty zero nine. Up 'till three in the morning. Need I say more?

New Home (10/3/08)

We've moved! While we expect to be iving out of boxes for the next six months, we do hope you will come over and see us soon (and pardon our dust). Cheers!

Trip to Ecuador (7/08)

With God's grace we have returned safely to Denver. We will miss our beloved Cuenca, not so much because it is a beautiful city; but, rather, because it is the bearer of many people we love: family and friends. We have compiled an array of memories and mementos with which we will have to make-do until the next time we return to our home town.

The below "remix" has some of the photos Carl Morgan was kind enough to take during the get-together we had at Rancho La Roca on July 27th. The roasted pig was delicious and the company delightful.

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